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   Character Reference Naturalization

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name} and I am a legal citizen of {Country}. I have been a {relationship} of {Name} for {amount of time} and can therefore fully endorse and support {his/her} application for naturalization.

{Name} originally came to this country in {year} for {purpose} and we met not long after that. I rarely see natural-born citizens put the zeal and effort into their work and community as {Name} has. Almost immediately, {he/she} {set up a neighborhood baseball team/volunteered for a soup kitchen/started a business that employed many of the people in this town}.

This entrepreneurial and community spirit has allow {Name} to quickly and deeply bond with neighbors, parishioners and coworkers. Since coming here {he/she} has gotten married and started a family. {He/she} currently has {number} children, {sex, name, age}. This, more than anything, is a powerful reason to tie {him/her} to this place and to spur {him/her} on to continue doing {his/her} best as a {position}.

{Name} has been a model citizen and a dedicated family member, and plans to live here and support {his/her} community for the rest of {his/her} life. I would be happy to speak to you further on this subject; feel free to contact me at {contact information}.

Thank you,


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