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   Character Reference Nanny Share

To Whom It May Concern:

When we entered into a nanny share with {Name}, we weren’t sure what to expect. We just know that we were {two or more} families with beloved children who needed care whilst we worked. What a stroke of good fortune it was that we chose {Name}.

Or, perhaps, in true Mary Poppins style, it was they who chose us. We knew upon our first meeting that this was the person with whom we could entrust our children. Immediately, {heartwarming anecdote}.

We have had the great pleasure of having {Name} as our shared nanny for {number} years. We and our children consider them part of the family. But, with the kids starting school, we no longer need fulltime care, and thus some other lucky family will be blessed to have {Name} as their nanny.

In addition to their patience, creativity, and overall affinity for children, {Name} navigated the potentially fraught nanny share situation with ease. On rare occasions when there was conflict among our families, {Name} worked to resolve the issue immediately. Their character is exemplary.

We will miss {Name} greatly, and give them our most emphatic recommendation.


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