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Dear Sir or Madam,

As a congregant of {Church Name} who is actively involved in {pastoral activity}, I would like to speak to the passionate, dedicated spirituality that {Name} has brought to this ministry. Although it is time for {him/her} to move on to another community, we will miss {him/her} and the focus on togetherness and love that came with {him/her}.

{Name} has been at our church since {date} and during that time {he/she} has done a fantastic job of both integrating into our close-knit community and firing us up with new ideas and projects. From the very beginning, {he/she} {arranged potlucks to get to know us/called a special meeting of parishioners/etc.} before acting on any evangelical activities so that all member could contribute, voice opinions and spread the word.

During {his/her} tenure, {Name} has introduced {new youth group, a bluegrass service, weekly Stone Soup, Bible study, etc.}. Most of these fresh ideas have become wildly popular and drawn us all closer together. {His/her} sermons are always insightful, self-reflective and instructive. It will be a wrench to lose such a valuable leader, but I believe that {Name} has a lot to offer the rest of the world and I full support {his/her} ministry wherever it takes {him/her}.

Thank you,


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