Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Military Discharge

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my great honor to speak on behalf of {Name}, who is requesting an upgrade in {his/her} discharge status due to {inequity/impropriety}. Having known {Name} during and after {his/her} military career as a close {friend/relative/pastor/employer}, I wholeheartedly vouch for {his/her} excellent character and strong work ethic.

{Name} and I met in {year} when {he/she} was a {title/rank} and I was a {title/rank}. During that time I always saw {him/her} {sample of professional behavior} and never once was {he/she} cited or reprimanded for {negative or unprofessional behavior}.

Separate from {his/her} military career, {Name}'s role as a civilian has created a time of personal and professional growth. {He/she} has {gotten married/started a family/finished a degree/started a career} and is actively involved in the community as a {role}. It is quite common for me to encounter {Name} {volunteering at the homeless shelter/organizing field trips/decorating the church/etc.}.

It has been my great pleasure to know and work with {Name} and I would be happy to discuss the subject further in person if required.

Thank you,


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