Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Medical School

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference for {Name}, who is applying for medical school.

I served as the {research mentor, volunteer coordinator, supervisor, etc.} to {Name} when {he/she} worked for {Establishment} from {date} to {date}. During that time I found {him/her} to be responsible, punctual, compassionate, and intelligent.

I have been working with medical students, interns and volunteers for the last {number} years. I have worked as a {doctor, nurse, professor etc.} for {establishments} during that time. There is no shortage of young adults who have incredible GPAs, a sharp intelligence and a keen ambition. However, I have seen many of these people lie, cheat and steal to gain an advantage over their peers. {Name}, while sharing the traits of intelligence and scholarship, has displayed none of the artifice of other students. {He/she} is focused and dedicated to the work, and cares deeply about helping others.

{Name} is a flexible and kind individual. I have witnessed {him/her} {example of bedside manner, calmness under pressure, etc.} I cannot recommend {him/her} highly enough.

Thank you for your consideration,


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