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   Character Reference Marriage Celebrant

My fianc� and I are getting married on {date}. I would like to request that {Name} be approved as an official marriage celebrant so that {he/she} can marry us.

It has always been my hope that I could be married by someone who is {a close friend/knowledgeable about my relationship to my spouse/a member of our community/part of our religious circle}. {Name} is unique in regards to {his/her} importance to our community and {his/her} {gravitas/affability/sincerity}.

My marriage would hold less excitement to me if I were married by a stranger from the {denomination} church. I'd hate to have someone simply read a standard homily by rote at the most important event of my life. {Name} has {special quality} and knows about {important events}, which I believe makes {him/her} uniquely qualified to be our marriage celebrant.

Please consider my request in approving {his/her} application. Thank you for your time.

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