Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Liquor License

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference for {Name}, who is applying for a liquor license so that {he/she} can open {his/her} own {bar/restaurant/etc.}

I am the {owner/manager/etc.} of the {Name}, an establishment in {City, State}. {Name} was a {host/bartender/server} at my restaurant for {number} years and during that time was an exemplary and responsible employee.

During {Name}'s time as my employee, I found {him/her} to be punctual, efficient and calm under the stress of pressure. {He/she} regularly arrived early to perform {task above and beyond}, always checked the I.D.s of customers ordering alcoholic beverages, and organized {items} quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, {Name} is a cheerful, friendly and business-minded individual. I was sorry to see {him/her} go, but {he/she} will make an excellent owner and manager for {his/her} new establishment.

Thank you for your consideration,


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