Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Liberal Arts College

To Whom It May Concern:

My longtime student, {Name}, would be a perfect fit for your amazing liberal arts college. They would thrive amid small class sizes, thematic learning based curricula, and engaged professors. And, in turn, {Name} would bring a lot to {College Name}. Specifically, {qualities and strengths}.

{Name} is a natural leader, but where they truly shine is in collaboration. Here at {High School}, I had the pleasure of witnessing them {start a club/lead a class/rally volunteers/etc.}. I was especially impressed when {anecdote}.

They are also well-prepared academically to excel in a liberal arts setting. {Name} is not interested in rote learning, though their grades and test scores are exemplary. Rather, they prefer to engage in classroom discussions and experience the exchange of ideas.

I strongly urge you to consider {Name} for {admission to/a scholarship at} your selective liberal arts college.


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