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   Character Reference Law Enforcement

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name} and as {Applicant}'s {relationship} for the past {amount of time}, I believe that I can effectively vouch for {his/her} dedication, hard work and integrity. I believe that with {his/her} combined physical and mental capabilities that {he/she} would make an excellent police officer.

{Name} is of superb moral character. {He/she} has always made it a point of pride to obey the law and to encourage the same behavior in others. {He/she} has never done drugs to the best of my knowledge, is always a safe and cautious driver and takes the ownership of {his/her} guns very seriously. {He/she} is always up-to-date with training and conscious of the safety of others by keeping the guns locked in a safe at all times.

{Name} is also very community-minded. {He/she} has spearheaded many {park clean-ups, food drives, shelter initiatives, etc.}. I have personally seen {him/her} {volunteer to clean up trash, look after children separated from their parents, visit the elderly, etc.} I believe that with such a strong sense of civic duty, the police force is the next logical step in {his/her} career.

{Name} is a kind, capable young {woman/man} and I recommend {him/her} for your program without reservation.

Thank you,


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