Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Laid Off Employee

Dear Sir or Madam,

It's my pleasure to recommend {name} for a position with your firm.

{He/She} is bright, a quick learner, and a dedicated employee. We worked side-by-side for {period of time}, and I was constantly impressed at how {he/she} carried himself with clients as well as {his/her} demeanor around the office. {Name} is a pleasure to be around and I'm certain {he/she} would excel at {company}.

{Name} mentioned to me that you're aware of {his/her} layoff from the company where I still work. I'd like you to know that all of us here took {his/her} departure hard, and we miss having {him/her} on the team. That {his/her} position was eliminated is a reflection on the current business environment, not due to any fault of {his/her} own. Any firm that snaps {him/her} up will be fortunate indeed.



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