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   Character Reference Juvenile Hall

Dear {Entity},

I have known {name} since {he/she} was {age}, and I'd like to paint a broader picture of {his/her} character than what the crime {he/she}'s been accused of may indicate.

Through my relationship with {name} as a {teacher/family friend}, I have had the pleasure of seeing {him/her} excel at {school subject/hobby/sport}. {He/She} has also {anecdote}.

More importantly, {name} is a good person. {He/She} has {served as a role model to younger children in sports/helped elderly/volunteered/etc.}. I have never seen {him/her} interact negatively with a peer or adult.

It hurts my heart that {name} made the poor choices that led to {his/her} being lodged in Juvenile Hall. However, I feel strongly that this was more of a blip in the road as {he/she} develops into a responsible {man/woman} and productive member of society. I'm confident that the values and dedication I've seen {him/her} apply in other areas of {his/her} life up to this point will extend to the rehabilitation and restitution process once {he/she} is released.



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