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   Character Reference Joint Custody

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name} and I have been {Parent 1} and {Parent 2}'s {friend/neighbor/etc.} for the past {amount of time}. In that amount of time, I have seen them both with their {daughter/son/children} practically every day and can say with confidence that the best situation for everyone involved would be joint custody.

I was sad to hear about the separation of {Name} and {Name} and I understand that emotions have been running high. However, from an objective standpoint, {Parent 1} deserves equal time with {his/her} {child/children} as {Parent 2}. On multiple occasions I have witnessed {Parent 1} {carefully buckling the children in and driving them to school/leaving work early to pick up a sick kid/ferrying the kids to and from practice}. {He/she} is always so loving and patient with {him/her/them} and it is quite clear that {he/she/they} adore their {Parent 1 role} just as much as they love their {Parent 2 role}.

It would be a shame to let hurt feelings and a bitter divorce separate a {father/mother} from the {daughter/son/children} {he/she} so clearly cherishes and cares for. Please feel free to contact me at {contact information} if you would like further information.

Thank you,


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