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   Character Reference Interior Design

To whom it may concern,

I had no idea our surroundings could look like this. Thanks to {Name}'s exquisite interior design skills, my house is truly a home. We were looking for someone to transform our {room(s)} into a cozy-yet-classy livable space and {Name} delivered.

{Name} knew we were working with a tight budget and used all of {his/her} connections and knowledge to secure us high-quality paint, furnishings, and other elements at discount rates. {Name} creatively used many of our existing belongings in ways we had never even considered, further cutting down on costs so {he/she} could focus on design. Additionally, we trust {Name} completely and didn't hesitate to lend {him/her} the keys to our house so {he/she} could come and go while we were out during the day.

We weren't sure we were the "type of people" who could benefit from hiring a professional decorator. We were fortunate to find {Name}, who proved us wrong.



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