Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Incarceration

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in support of {Name}, who will be released from {Prison Name} on {date} after {number} years of incarceration. I am their {relationship}.

In the time since {Name} was convicted and sentenced for the crime of {crime}, they have used their time in prison for personal growth as well as the greater good. They secured {position/degree/etc.}, started {library/newspaper/etc.}, and served as a mentor for other prisoners.

{Name} will have a high level of community support upon release. In addition to family members and friends, they will have close ties with {church/school/etc.}. In addition, they already have a job lined up at {Company}.

I stand with full confidence behind {Name}, who has shown remorse, paid their debt, and is now ready and eager to rejoin society in a productive manner.


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