Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Green Card

I am happy to give a thoroughly positive reference to {Name}, who is applying for a Green Card here in {Country}. {His/her} case number is {number}.

I have been {Name}'s {employer/teacher/student/etc.} at {Company} since {date}. During that time I have come to see how unique and important {he/she} is to {his/her} work here and to the community at large.

{Name} is amazingly educated in {field}, with a {degree} in {major} and post-graduate work in {field}. The research {he/she} is doing is ground-breaking for this country, and {his/her} permanent presence is essential to the continued success of the project.

Additionally, Name is a caring parent and spouse, and has worked hard to create a stable and loving environment for {his/her} family. {He/she} also {volunteers/tutors/coaches} at {organization} every {period of time}. {He/she} is a dedicated citizen and strong community leader.

Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

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