Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Golf Club

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference for {Name}, who is applying for membership to your golf club.

I am the {owner/manager/etc.} of the {club/resort/etc.} where {Name} has been a member for the past {number} years. {He/she} has always conducted {him/herself} with the highest sense of decorum and treated others with the utmost respect.

The club of which I am a {member/proprietor} has strict rules and regulations regarding {aspect}. {Name} has always meticulously followed these requirements, and encouraged others to do so in a friendly and courteous manner. {He/she} is always quiet and cheerful on the course, and never unkind or irritable to other golfers.

Additionally, {Name} is an active member in the community, participating in {organization, club, etc.} {He/she} is a hard worker and an upstanding citizen. I cannot recommend {him/her} highly enough.

Thank you for your consideration,


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