Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Game Show

Dear {Name},

I am writing this statement on behalf of {Name}, who is hoping to appear as a contestant on your game show, {Name of Game Show}.

I am {Name}'s {relationship to Name}, and I have known {him/her} for {number} years, since {date}. I am a {profession} at {Company} in {location}.

{Name} is the perfect candidate for this game show. {He/she} watches it every week with {his/her} family and is always {guessing the answers/dancing enthusiastically/clapping along for the contestants/etc.}. {He/she} has the sort of warm, excitable, bubbly personality that would be infectious to your audiences and make for a compelling episode of television.

{Name} has also been training for the opportunity by {studying subjects, testing reflexes, exercising, etc.}. {He/she} recently won an award for {field of knowledge or expertise}.

I think the inclusion of {Name} would bring a lot of fun and competitive play to your game show, and it would certainly be entertaining.

Thank you for your consideration.



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