Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference From Sponsor

Dear {court official},

When {name} asked me to be {his/her} sponsor on {date}, it was my pleasure to step up in that role. It hasn't always been an easy road for {name} in {12-step program}, but {he/she} has now been sober for {time period} and I'm amazed at {his/her} dedication and outlook on life.

Despite my {time period} staying clean, I know better than most how tenuous a grip we addicts can have on sobriety. We are all taking it one day at a time. However, due to my personal path and my many years in {12-step program}, I am able to recognize several qualities that are predictive of long-term sobriety. {Describe qualities}. {Name} has these qualities in spades.

{Name} can beat this. I am in {his/her} corner, and so is everyone else at our meeting. And I'm sure {he/she}'s told you about {his/her} amazing support system of friends and family members.

I promise you that {name} is worthy of trust and support. {He/She} has the tools and determination to be a productive, sober member of society. Please consider {taking specific action}.



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