Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference From Neighbor

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference for {Name}, for the purposes of {leasing an apartment, getting a job, etc}.

I have been {Name}'s neighbor for the last {number} years. In that time I have seen that {Name} is the sort of person who works well with others, follows the rules, and is both friendly and courteous.

{Name} is an ambitious, dedicated go-getter. For as long as I have known {him/her}, {he/she} has always {paid rent on time, done repairs, made improvements}. {He/she} is also quick to lend a hand when other people are remodeling, painting, or throwing a barbecue. {His/her} involvement in neighborhood {parties, carnivals, lemonade stands} has drawn the community closer together. {He/she} is never loud or rambunctious, and always happy to loan out tools, books or advice when needed.

I firmly believe that more {apartment complexes, neighborhoods, businesses} would be better off if they had members as hard-working and caring as {Name}.

Thank you,


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