Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference From Landlord

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who has applied for housing in your apartment complex. As I have been {Name}'s landlord for the past {number} years, there is no one better to tell you what a fantastic resident {he/she} is.

Firstly, {Name} is always prompt with payments. {He/she} has never had to pay a late fee, nor have any of the payments been made later than the first of the month. After moving in, {Name} immediately made an honest and thorough checklist on the state of each room in the apartment and turned it in to me for reference. I know that {he/she} has a good job and is never in danger of missing rent.

On a more personal note, {Name} is simply exactly the type of resident you want. {He/she} is very friendly, often staying to chat in the office when picking up a package or turning in money. {He/she} never plays loud music, is courteous to the neighbors, and always checks in before having more than a few people over to visit. I never had to fix anything unusual, and the apartment was spotless by the time {he/she} checked out.

I think you will agree that {Name} is an ideal resident and will treat your property with courtesy and respect. If you have any questions for me, please contact me at ___________________.

Thank you.

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