Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference From Client

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference letter to support {Name}'s application for a {promotion, transfer, raise, etc.}.

I was {Name}'s client from {date} to {date}, and {Name} assisted me in {details of Name's services}. I have never had a better {service provider} for such a reasonable fee. {Name} was friendly, polite, thorough and incredibly helpful.

With {Name}'s help, I {improved sales, won my case, balanced my books, etc.}. {He/she} not only provided me with the expected services, but walked me through my mistakes, taught me several shortcuts, and made me feel like a respected and valued customer. Once, {anecdote that paints Name in a good light in specific ways}.

I have always valued this company's dedication to good service and positive representatives, but I feel that {Name} is a step ahead of the rest. {He/she} deserves this advancement. My company's success is a testimony in itself to {him/her}.

Thank you,


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