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   Character Reference Foster Care Adoption

Dear Sir or Madam,

When I heard that my friends {names} were interested in adopting one of their foster children, my first thought was merely surprise that it hadn't happened already. My friends' hearts and minds are so pure and open, and their foster daughter has always been made to feel loved and at home in their wonderful family.

I support {names} wholeheartedly in their endeavor to adopt {child name}, but as far as I'm concerned, {he/she} is already a part of the family. The formal adoption will only serve to legally affirm what all who know them know to be true.

I have visited {names} in their home many times over their years. Everything is clean and safe, but not so sterile that it discourages kids from having a good time. To the contrary, the most commonly heard sound in the household is laughter.

Furthermore, {anecdote}.

I am truly inspired by my friends. I feel that {child name} would be fortunate to be adopted by them, but as they keep telling me, they are the lucky ones for the privilege to have been led to {him/her} via the foster care system.



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