Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Writing Bad Checks

Your Honor:

I am writing in support of {Defendant’s Full Name}, whom I am confident regrets their actions and will make full restitution for the {bounced/forged/etc.} checks.

I have known {Name} for {time period}, and while they have faced personal challenges during that time, including {low-level crimes or missteps}, they have been actively working toward self-reflection and improvement. {Name} is in therapy, and has shared their progress with me.

{Name} is truly of good moral character. They are the only one in my circle of friends who reached out when {incident where support was needed}. Also, {additional positive anecdote}. The poor choices they’ve made in the past can be attributed to {financial desperation/addiction issues/etc.} that are now being actively addressed with the support of friends and family.

I am certain that {Name} has learned from this incident and will not write bad checks in the future. Please consider rehabilitation and restitution rather than {potential sentence}.


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