Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Work Visa

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is applying for a work visa. I have been {Name}'s friend and {coworker, boss, mentor, teacher, etc.} for the last {number} years and can personally attest to {his/her} qualifications in a work setting as well as {his/her} loyalty, friendliness and experience.

I know that work visas are usually only administered to people with great expertise in certain areas. Fortunately, {Name} has {types of certifications} in {specific field}, as well as {number} years working in that field. {His/her} dedication to work has led to many late nights and a lot of overtime in an attempt to perform above and beyond expectations. I once saw {him/her} {example of sacrifice} just to finish a project in time.

Besides {his/her} work experience, however, {Name} is also exactly the kind of person to excel your country. {He/she} is very involved in the community and enjoys meeting new people and making friends. {He/she} is not one to sit at home all day. {Activities, sports, volunteer work} take up {his/her} time when {he/she} is not at work. {Name} is a truly dedicated, exuberant soul, and I know that {he/she} has much to gain and even more to bring to your country.

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