Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For White Collar Crime

Your Honor:

As a longtime colleague of {Defendant’s Full Name}, I was shocked to learn of their recent {charge/conviction} for {crime}.

I have always known {Name} to be a person of honesty and integrity, setting an example for professionalism in our field of {field}. One incident that stands out in my mind is when {positive anecdote}. This charge of {charge} is in complete conflict with their record of success, including {industry awards or accolades}. Additionally, {other positive contributions to community, such as mentorships or charitable works}.

I understand that {Name} has taken full responsibility for their actions. However, I’d like to add some context and plead for leniency in sentencing. Recently, {emotional, medical, family, financial or other severe stressors}.

{Name} has a strong network of social and professional support. I am confident that this unfortunate and misguided incident will result in a great deal of personal growth as they take all steps ordered by the court for restitution.

I urge you to consider a rehabilitative, rather than punitive, approach to {Name}’s case. Thank you for your consideration.


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