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   Character Reference For Visitation Rights

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is trying to obtain visitation rights to {his/her} child, {child's name and age}. As {Name}'s {friend, coworker, pastor, teacher, etc.} over the last {number} years, I have had numerous opportunities to see what a caring and nurturing person {he/she} is, especially when interacting with {child's name}.

{Name} is a strong, dependable structure in {child's name}'s life. I know that the split with {spouse} was painful and difficult for both parties, but that should not mean that {Name} may no longer be a positive influence on {his/her} {son/daughter}. I have seen them many times at {place}, doing {activity}. {Child's name} always seems so excited and happy afterward, and {Name} is always extremely protective and careful when it comes to safety, health, and helping {child's name} have a good time.

{Name} has a good job at {job location} and works long hours to make sure that {child's name} is properly provided for. {He/she} should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of that hard work, especially because {child's name} is reaching {important age} when a {mother/father}'s support and advice is really needed. It is clear from seeing the two of them together that they enjoy spending time together and love each other very much.

Some children suffer because they have parents who do not want to be part of their lives. That is not the case here. {Name} is a reliable, dedicated parent who never misses an opportunity to take care of {his/her} {daughter/son}. I hope that you will strongly consider granting {him/her} more of those opportunities.

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