Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Vandalism

Your Honor:

I am writing in my support of my {relative/friend/coworker/etc.}, {Defendant’s Full Name}, who has pled guilty to the charge of vandalism.

While there is no excuse for property damage, I hope you can take into account the fact that {Name} was not motivated by greed or personal vendetta. Rather, they made a {youthful/drunken/foolish} mistake that they immediately regretted. In fact, {mitigating circumstance such as they turned themself in to authorities or made restitution}, and {Name} has cooperated fully with authorities.

I know {Name} as a person of high moral character. They are reliable, with a strong work ethic and kind heart.

{Name} is already taking steps to make amends for the vandalism, including {community service/monetary payment/etc.}. Also, they now realize that they need help with their {addiction/mental health issues/etc.}.

I hope that you will consider {Name}’s crime in the context of their longtime history of good character. Thank you for your consideration.


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