Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Theft

Your Honor:

Thank you for the opportunity to write in support of {Defendant’s Full Name}, who stands ready to take full responsibility for their terrible decision. As their {relationship}, I was more surprised than anyone to learn of the theft of {property}. My disappointment in {Name} is matched only by their sincere remorse.

{Name} has always displayed positive character traits in my presence. They are kind, reliable, and honest. One specific memory that stands out is {positive anecdote}. This serious incident of theft is completely out of character, and while it is no excuse, I don’t believe they would have stolen if not for {mitigating circumstance}.

I am confident that if {Name} is granted {bail/lighter sentence/probation/etc.}, they will not reoffend. They are already in counseling to gain insights on what led to their actions, and they have a large support system of friends and family to help however we can. Thank you for your consideration.


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