Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Study Abroad

To {Decisionmaker}:

I am writing in strong support of {Name}’s application to take part in the study abroad program at {location}.

As their {teacher/mentor/employer/etc.}, I have had the opportunity to witness {Name}’s drive, cultural awareness, and level of responsibility. I can think of few students who are so well-positioned to take advantage of all a study abroad program has to offer.

{Name}’s grades are solid, and their extracurricular activities support their commitment to lifelong learning. {Elaborate, including anecdote. If student is multilingual, mention that here.}. They are curious, empathetic, and adaptable. They will represent {school/university} well.

Please let me know if you would like to hear further insights regarding {Name}’s background and potential. I am so excited about this opportunity to expand their global perspective as well as experience the personal growth that can only come with a top-quality study abroad program such as this.


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