Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Sentencing Hearing

Your Honor:

I am writing to share my insights into the good character of {Name} in light of his upcoming sentencing hearing.

I am {Name}’s {counselor/probation officer/sponsor/employer/teacher/etc.}, and have known him for {time period}. During that time, I have learned things that have given me a more comprehensive understanding of some of the poor choices he has made. Specifically, {insight}. Also, {mitigating circumstance}. His actions have always been rooted in {emotional wound/health condition/financial circumstance/family issues/etc.}.

{Name} is compassionate, kind, and trustworthy. I don’t know many people who possess his character. On one occasion I had the pleasure to witness {anecdote}.

As a {Name}, I am a strong believer in restorative justice. Based on everything I know about {Name}, I am confident that he is more than capable of the personal growth and other positive changes needed, once released, to be a productive member of society. I know that he is remorseful and feels empathy toward those affected by his actions.

I respectfully urge you to consider the full and complex situation surrounding {Name} which imposing his sentence. Thank you very much.


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