Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Probation Violation

Your Honor:

Thank you for the opportunity to write on behalf of {Defendant’s Full Name} in regard to their recent probation violation. As their {family member/friend/sponsor/coworker/etc.}, I have had occasion to know them well for {time period}.

I am confident that {Name} had been compliant with the terms of probation up until the point of {incident}. Their actions showed an extreme lack of judgment, and they are genuinely remorseful. I am sure that {Name} never would have {circumstances of violation} unless they {forgot terms/had medical emergency/other extenuating or unforeseen circumstance}. This probation violation was an isolated incident, and not indicative of their character, nor their commitment to complying with the orders of the Court.

I am confident that {Name} is not a threat to anyone. They are gainfully employed, an engaged {parent/child}, and a dedicated friend. Those of us who love and support {Name} will stand by to help ensure that they follow the terms of their probation with careful attention and due respect. Thank you for your consideration.


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