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   Character Reference For Preschool

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name}, and I am a {professional title} who has worked in {professional capacity} for the last {amount of time}. As {Names}' {relationship} of the last {amount of time}, I am honored to fully endorse them as foster parents to {Name, if known}. They have both always had the highest moral character, mature judgment, financial sense and parental instincts.

{Names} are both smart and successful, but not motivated by money or fame. They have solid jobs with good incomes: {Name} is a {occupation} and {Name} is a {occupation}. However, {Name} has always worked part-time so that {he/she} could help {volunteer/take care of relatives/etc.} They have an ideal environment for children with a four-bedroom house in a good neighborhood. They are near the schools and parks and regularly walk to church.

I have been in their house many times, sometimes without prior arrangements. I have always found it clean and well-maintained. They often care for their {nieces/nephews/cousins/etc.} and on those occasions they are always very careful to {lock up chemicals/tools/weapons} and to make sure that the kids eat healthy foods and stay inside the yard. In fact, {anecdote about applicants interacting lovingly and responsibly with children}.

I have seen both of these people interact on a regular basis with children within the community, and the affection and care that they provide is inspiring. They have always worked hard to make their community stronger, and I believe that they will have nothing but a positive impact on any child they take in.

Thank you,


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