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   Character Reference For Nursing

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is working to get {his/her} RNA certificate and become a registered nurse. I have been {Name}'s {teacher, mentor, pastor} for the past {number} years and can proudly vouch for {his/her} dedication, organizational skills, and ability to deal with high-pressure situations.

{Name} has been constantly juggling a wide array of activities and responsibilities for the last couple of years, most notably {responsibility 1} and {responsibility 2}. Despite the time constraints and stress of this balance, I have noticed that {Name} always deals with {his/her} situation with a big smile and a friendly inquiry into how other people are feeling that day. It is {his/her} compassion that really sets {him/her} apart from {his/her} peers.

As for {Name}'s dedication, all I can say is that in the many years that I have known {him/her}, {he/she} has always aspired to being a nurse and helping people deal with illness and treatment. It has never been an issue of competition or salary, but rather a genuine desire to better the world and the quality of living. I could not recommend a more compassionate or sincere person for this program, nor think of anyone better suited to the position.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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