Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Infant Care

To {Name}:

It is so hard to find reliable child care, especially with limited slots available for infants. I’m sure this is top-of-mind for during maternity leave. I remember those days well! I’m so glad that {Baby Name} ended up at {Child Care Center Name}.

The center is safe, clean, and well-run. Under the supervision of {Director Name}, the infant room is run by {Name}. There are also {number} assistants, bringing the ratio to {ratio}, even better than what’s required by state regulations.

Moreover, I found the transition back to work eased by the fact that I received updates throughout the day, and could even view the room via a camera setup that works on my desktop or via phone app.

Every time I picked up {Baby Name}, they were in good humor, well-fed and with a clean diaper.

Please let me know if I can offer any additional insights, or ease your concerns. Congratulations again on your new baby!


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