Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Immigration

I am writing on the behalf of {Name}, whom I have known for the past {number} years, in order to attest to {his/her} need for American citizenship.

I have been a {nature of relationship} to {Name} since {he/she} {took classes at my school, joined the organization of which I am president, worked as an intern in my office}. I have worked with many people over the years, but few have had the kindness, patience and determination that {Name} does. Once, {he/she} {memory/anecdote that illustrates the person's best qualities}. There are very few people who would respond to that kind of stressful situation with such levelheadedness and grace.

While I wish that {Name} could stay with us here in {country of origin}, forever, {he/she} has important and urgent business in America that I hope you will strongly consider while making your decision. {He/she} has chosen to move because {his/her parents are ill there, he/she got an important scholarship, his/her spouse got a job there and left behind him/her and their children, etc.}.

I know that {Name} will bring the qualities of talent, dedication and hard work to your country, and contribute to the wealth of your great nation's multicultural melting pot.

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