Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Gun License

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is applying for a gun license. I have been {Name}'s {boss, pastor, coworker, teacher} for {number} years and can confidently attest to {his/her} clean record and outstanding character.

{Name} has lived in {state of application} for the last {number} years. {He/she} has never been arrested, nor has {he/she} ever abused drugs or alcohol. {Name} is very conscientious and safety-minded. I have noticed at {the office, church, school} that {he/she} always {anecdote illustrating caution, safety, following rules, etc.}

{Name} is aware of the risks and moral obligations of owning a firearm and has prepared accordingly. {He/she} has already {bought a safe, installed a lock, taken a safety course, etc} to prepare for this new responsibility. I can think of no one who is more likely to handle a gun with greater care or maturity.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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