Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Felon Employment

Dear {Hiring Manager Name},

I am writing this statement on behalf of {Name}, who is seeking a position as a {Position} at {Company Name}.

I am {Name}'s {relationship to Name}, and I have known {him/her} for {number} years, since {date}. I am a {profession} at {Company} in {location}.

{Name} is an inspiration to me. {He/she} is very open and honest about {his/her} criminal record and the way in which that record encouraged {him/her} to make radical changes in {his/her} life. Although that can make getting a job more difficult, {Name} serves as a stunning example of the way that the justice system can have a positive effect on a person and on the larger community.

I have known {Name} in a professional capacity for {amount of time}, and I have never witnessed someone so dedicated to performing every aspect of their job flawlessly. {He/she} put {number of hours} of {his/her} own time in {extra training, researching company history, etc.}. {Name} is a considerate and friendly person, always {bringing in treats for coworkers, cleaning up shared spaces, picking up extra shifts, etc.}. {Brief anecdote showcasing work ethic and office behavior}.

It is my belief that {Name} will be an asset to any company {he/she} works for. {He/she} participates in {volunteer or community work} in {his/her} spare time and is a joy to have as part of the community.

Thank you for your consideration.



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