Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Embezzlement Or Fraud

Your Honor:

I am {relationship} to {Defendant’s Full Name}, and have known them since {time period}. I was truly shocked to learn of the charges against them, and even more surprised when {Name} tearfully confessed their guilt to me.

There is no excuse for {embezzlement/fraud}, even the fact that {extreme financial difficulty, personal challenge, or other context}.

However, I also know {Name} to be {list positive qualities and character traits}. In fact, it was {Name} who {anecdote regarding kind or honest behavior}. It has been hard for those of us who care about {Name}, and have known them to exhibit strong ethical standards, to reconcile the person we know with the fact that they committed these crimes.

{Name} is deeply remorseful for their behavior and the harm they have caused. They are prepared, with the moral support of family and friends, to make full restitution to all victims.

I urge you to take into account {Name}’s previous good conduct, genuine remorse, and longtime standing in the community when handing down a punishment. Thank you for your consideration as you determine a just and fair resolution to this case.


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