Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For Drug Possession

Your Honor:

I am writing regarding my whole-hearted support of {Defendant’s Full Name} in light of their {hearing/sentencing/parole/etc.} for drug possession.

I have known {Name} for {time period}, because {context of relationship such as family or work}. During that time, I have known them to be reliable, kind, and intelligent. These charges came as a great shock to everyone. After talking with {Name}, I am certain that their actions were completely out of character and their remorse is sincere.

{Name} has a large support system, including {family/friends/coworkers/etc.}, who are standing by to help any way we can as {Name} works toward living a drug-free life. I am confident that {Name} is committed to recovery, and will also comply with any restitution, rehabilitation, or education ordered by the Court.

I urge you to consider {Name} in the entire context of their life as a {hard worker/loving parent/etc.}. Moreover, {Name} is needed at home to {care for elderly parent/keep their job/etc.} Thank you very much for your consideration.


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