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   Character Reference For Court Juvenile

I am writing on the behalf of {Name}, who is appearing before your court due to {offense}.

I have been a {nature of relationship} to {Name} for {number} years. While I understand that {he/she} is being charged with this crime, I must make it clear that {Name} is a strong, smart youth who is just going through an extremely difficult time.

To say that this offense is out of character for {Name} would be an understatement. {He/she} has always treated {his/her} {peers, elders, environment} with the utmost respect and courtesy. {Name} has been involved in {community activity, organization, volunteer work, club, sport} since {date} and has been praised for {his/her} {best quality}. This situation is not just unusual behavior; I believe the cause of {Name's} offense can be traced back to {stressful source/situation}. Being an adolescent is hard, and {Name} has been asked to cope with unfortunate circumstances that {he/she} should not have to face until well into adulthood.

Childhood is all about learning from one's mistakes, and {Name} has certainly proven that {he/she} is sorry for what {he/she} did. {Name} has an excellent support group of friends, families, and teachers that would like to help {him/her} get back on the right track. I personally plan to {proposal for helping teen readjust}.

I am sure that you are aware of the difficulty already experienced by youth during their adolescence. I simply ask that, in addition, you consider {Name's} particular plight, and {his/her} sincere remorse. Thank you.

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