Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference For College Transfer

To Admissions Committee:

I am writing in strong support of {Name}’s application to transfer to your {program/institution}.

I {taught/coached/advised/etc.} them at {other college} and had the opportunity to witness their work ethic, character, and intellectual promise. Specifically, {anecdote}. I have no doubt that {Name} will similarly excel at your school.

As a member of my {class/team}, they distinguished themselves by {example}. It is rare that I see a student with such dedication and passion. They displayed a full and complex understanding of everything being taught, and their intellectual curiosity led them to {example of excellence}. They will bring keen insights to any class discussion.

{Name} has my full support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like further insights as to their character, record, and promise.


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