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   Character Reference For Boss

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my pleasure to write a reference for {Boss Name}'s {promotion, application, award, etc.}. {Boss Name} is an exceptional boss and an inspirational leader in the world of {field}.

I have been an employee at {Company} for the last {number} years, and under the direct supervision of {Boss Name} for the last {number of years}. I can personally attest to {his/her} gifts as both a manager and a {job type, e.g. engineer, technician, etc.}.

When I entered this job, {Boss Name} provided me with the guidance I needed to make sure {project type} was completed by training me in the {type} system. At the same time, though, I was given the freedom and flexibility to look for creative solutions, which is how I ended up discovering {new time-saving or helpful strategy}. It is this attention to detail and innovative encouragement that has led to {growth, profit, increase percentage etc.} over the last {number} years.

I am incredibly grateful to {Boss Name} for {his/her} understanding of {subject} on a fundamental level. {He/she} is able to assign, delegate, and tackle {aspect} {him/herself} because of {his/her} copious experience in the industry. My colleagues and I are grateful for this knowledge, and for the care and attention that goes into managing our everyday affairs.

Above all, though, {Boss Name} is deserving of this {promotion, position, award} because {he/she} treats everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect. I have always felt encouraged, supported, and stimulated in the work environment {he/she} has created.

Thank you for your consideration.



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