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   Character Reference For Bail Reduction

Your Honor,

I am writing this statement on behalf of {Name}, who is set to appear before you in court on {date} and is requesting {reduced/dismissal of} bail.

I am {Name}'s {relationship to Name}, and I have known {him/her} for {number} years, since {date}. I am a {profession} at {Company} in {location}.

In the many years that I have known {Name}, {he/she} has always been a kind and thoughtful person. {He/she} is incredibly considerate, and always thinks before speaking or acting in a way that might affect someone else. To say that {his/her} behavior on {date} was out of character would be a severe understatement. That behavior from {Name} is not something I have ever seen from {him/her} and is something I would never expect from someone of such high moral caliber.

In no way am I excusing the behavior, but I can confidently say that {Name} was only part of the events on {date} due to {extenuating factor such as severe stress, medical disorder, drugs, exhaustion, etc.}. {He/she} is aware that such {factors} were damaging and unhealthy and has taken the following steps to ensure that such behavior never happens again: {steps}.

{Name} agrees that {he/she} must answer for {his/her} part in the events that occurred on {date}, but I believe that {he/she} is in no way a flight risk or a threat to others. I have never witnessed {him/her} behave in any way that is not deferential, courteous, and unfailingly moral.

Thank you for your consideration.



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