Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Fill In The Blanks

Dear ____________________,

I am writing this reference letter on behalf of _____________________, who is applying for _________________. I have known ___________________ for _______ years, and in that time I have never a person more hardworking or detail oriented.

I met ______________________ on _____________ when we were both __________________________________________________________. I was struck immediately by how friendly and engaged ____ was, and how quickly ___ took to ____________________. Since then I have had the privilege to see ____ create _____________________________ and participate enthusiastically in ____________________________________.

__________________________ has always had an incredible work ethic, balancing time between getting a degree in _____________________, working at _____________________________, and devoting _______ hours a week to taking care of ________________________. I am impressed with the mental stamina and organization ____ has employed to keep all those priorities in balance with each other.

Thank you for your time. I know that _______________ has the talent and drive to go far, and I appreciate your consideration.



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