Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Elite Or Ivy League College

To Whom It May Concern:

In all my {number} years of teaching, I have only had a handful of students who I felt were meant for the Ivy League. {Name} is one of them.

Of course, {Name} “checks all the boxes.” But more importantly, they would bring a special perspective to your institution. You see, {special “hook” or situation}. At {Ivy League School}, they could truly thrive among like-minded academics.

I have had the pleasure of watching {Name} in a variety of challenging situations, including {example}, and they always navigate with skill and grace. Other students look to them for guidance. I truly cannot say enough about how impressive they are.

{Name} has not applied to other Ivy League schools, because they knew that the culture and feel of {Ivy League School} is the right fit for them.

As you holistically review {Name}’s application package, please strongly consider the perspectives of the adults in their lives who know them best. I cannot help but picture {Name} at home on your campus, {doing research/studying topic/etc.}.


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