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   Character Reference Drivers License

Dear {Name},

It is my pleasure to write this letter espousing the excellent character of {Name}, who is applying to receive a conditional driver's license at the age of {13-15}. {Name} is a responsible and loyal young adult who has been working hard to support {his/her} family in any way possible.

I have known {Name} since {date}, when {he/she} was my {student/neighbor/parishioner, etc.}. Immediately, although {he/she} was young, I could tell that this was a thoughtful and respectful individual. {Name} has always put others' wellbeing first, and that has included {caretaking activity}. {Name}'s parents {cannot drive/work long hours/work far away/etc.}, and being able to drive under limited conditions would allow {Name} to {required activity}.

I have full confidence in {Name}'s ability to approach driving with a mature and adult sense of responsibility and caution. {Anecdote about these qualities}. I am proud of {him/her} and the accomplishments that {he/she} has already managed while overcoming adversity.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me any time at {info} if you have any further questions.



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