Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Domestic Violence

Your Honor,

I am {Defendant}'s {partner/relative/friend} and I would like to speak on {his/her} behalf. I do not want to excuse {his/her} actions, but rather give you a better idea of what {he/she} is like and what {he/she} has been going through recently.

While {Defendant} has always struggled with anger issues and self-control that extend back to a past filled with {situational factors}, {he/she} has worked very hard to change {his/her} behavior over the last {amount of time}. That includes {giving up alcohol/drugs, going to anger management, seeking therapy, etc.}. I have personally seen the positive effects of this on a daily basis. {Defendant} now thinks before losing {his/her} temper, makes a conscious effort to lower {his/her} voice and has learned to take a break by leaving the room when tempers run too high.

Unfortunately, in the past {amount of time}, {Defendant} has been struggling with {job loss/family death/relapse/etc.}. {He/she} knows that this last lapse into anger and violence is unacceptable and understands that it requires hard work to move beyond it. However, {he/she} is eager and earnest in {his/her} desire to improve {his/her} behavior and has already {steps taken}.

Thank you,


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