Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Disciplinary Hearing

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is attending a disciplinary hearing on {date} in order to answer for {allegations against defendant}. While I cannot speak to the truthfulness of the charges, I can make a wholehearted endorsement of {Name}'s unimpeachable character when it comes to {traits that directly relate to the charges}.

I have been {Name}'s {personal or professional relationship} for {length of time}. During that time, {Name} has succeeded admirably at remaining focused, caring and detail-oriented when it comes to {projects/goals/work}. {He/she} has never cut corners or {behavior that is under question in this hearing}. While I know that no one is perfect, {Name} has always worked hard to perform well and create a welcoming environment for others.

Thank you for considering my testimony. Please let me know if there is anything else you require of me.

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