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   Character Reference Deportation

Your Honor,

My name is {Name}. I am {number} years old, a legal United States citizen and the {relation} of {Deportee}. I would like to speak on behalf of {Name}'s character, as I have been {his/her} {neighbor/pastor/employer} for the last {amount of time} and consider {him/her} an essential and influential pillar of the community.

I have seen {Name} often in both a social and professional capacity and would like to speak toward both. Professionally, {Name} fills a vital role as a {profession} who has revolutionized {industry} with {new management/innovative products/fantastic customer service/necessary services}. In the last {amount of time} {he/she} has {brief description of accomplishments that serve the community}.

More than just {providing jobs/addressing communal needs}, {Name} has also dedicated {his/her} time to {serving the poor/encouraging the arts/assisting children/caring for the elderly}. During {his/her} free time, {Name} is almost found at {Location} engaged in {service}.

Finally, as a close and personal friend, I can truly say that there is no one kinder or more generous than {Name}. {He/she} has a strong social and familial network here now and always seems to be helping someone {fill a pool for neighborhood kids/setting up a potluck at the park/cleaning out a lot for a park/etc.}. We would suffer a tremendous loss if {Name} were deported.

Thank you,


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