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   Character Reference Criminal Offense

Your Honor,

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is due before you in Court on {date} for {criminal offense}. {Name} is a loving {husband/wife/parent} and is sorely needed for {caretaking/providing/etc.} for {his/her} family.

I am aware of the criminal nature of the offense that {Name} is accused of, and I am not making any excuses for that behavior. I am {Name}'s {relation} and I can only say that {he/she} has always been wonderfully supportive, kind, and generous. {Brief anecdote illustrating these qualities}.

{Name} has also played a vital role in {keeping our family fed/off the streets/off welfare/healthy}. {He/she} {works full-time/cares for a sick or disabled relative/etc.}. Without {his/her} help and support, our family would be unable to {get enough food/go to school/etc.}.

{Name} has expressed a deep and consistent remorse for {his/her} actions on {date}. {He/she} has also acknowledged that {drugs/violence/temper/etc.} is a problem for {him/her} and that {he/she} is intent on immediately {going to rehab/going to anger management/seeing a therapist/etc.} until {he/she} can behave in accordance to the laws of our community that {he/she} so ardently believes in. I would be so grateful if {he/she} had the opportunity to pursue a safe and healthy road to recovery.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me any time at {info}.



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